The card-shaped key to your city

The modern lifestyle credit card packed with rewards, no FX markups and loads more. All yours without needing a UK credit score.

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Your city, served up on a platter.

Let's get straight to the points

Sick of earning points you can only use once a year for a Tuesday flight at the crack of dawn? Earn points you can use on things you’ll actually love doing in London.

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Earn 1 point for every £1 you spend

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Use points for epic local experiences

Handpicked experiences, easily redeemable in the app. No codes, no coupons, and no fine print. Just head to the experiences, pay normally and we'll cover the cost.

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No annoying codes or coupons

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Don't be another idiot abroad.

Spend without fees everywhere.

We'll never add any hidden fees or changes while you spend abroad. You get the Mastercard® rate, which is the one we get and just pass right onto you.

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Spend normally abroad

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The modern essentials, as they should be.

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Smart fraud protection

We've got your back
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Payment notifications

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Help from a real person

24/7 on the phone and in the app
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Purchase protection

Swipe with peace of mind
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iOS and Android apps

A real delight to swipe
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Fit for your London lifestyle

Get going in a few steps. No credit score required.

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Step 1:

Connect your bank account so we can see your income and spending history

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Step 2:

Upload your ID and a snap a quick selfie. Smile!

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Step 3:

We’ll send you a metal card. Your digital card will be live in the app.

Turns out, this doesn't need to be so hard

Do it all on your phone. No call centers, paperwork or bank branches. Answer a few questions and we'll let you know if you're eligible without a hard check on your credit score.

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Credit doesn't need to be so scary.

We’re a team of expats and locals with a mission to make money rewarding and credit empowering through products people understand and love.

After years at TransferWise, ClearScore and Monzo, we're experts in solving painful financial problems for millions of people in the UK.

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Launching this Spring. Join our waitlist.

Drop your name and email below and we'll let you know when we're ready to go.

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