Worldwide family travel insurance

Things gone belly-up in Barcelona? We've got you covered with comprehensive travel insurance including trip cancellation, car hire excess, winter sports, medical expenses, no excess and more.
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What's representative APR?
Representative APR (annual percentage rate) is a rate credit providers, that's us, show so you can compare the cost of different credit products.

It includes all the fixed fees you pay, like your membership fee, so it isn't the rate you'll pay us if you ever need to borrow money. We'll show you that when you sign up.
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Loads of cover, out of the box.

Sit back, relax. Your insurance is active as soon as you join Yonder and stays active as long as you're a member. Just make sure to book your trip on your Yonder card.

See what's covered. Take a seat, it's quite a lot.

Family Cover
No Excess
£0 fee
Medical Expenses
up to £1,000,000
Car Hire Excess
up to £3,000
Travel Cancellation 
up to £7,500
Winter Sports
up to £500
Missed Departure
up to £500
Delayed Departure
up to £250
Personal Liability
up to £500,000
Baggage Delay
up to £250
Stolen Baggage 
up to £1,000
Mugging and Theft
up to £1,000

More coverage,
less fine print.

  • Make sure flights, accommodation and car rentals are paid for with your Yonder card to be covered
  • Your partner and dependent children under 25 years old are covered. Check the policy details for more information on eligible family members.
  • You're covered until you turn 81 years old
  • Pre-existing medical conditions are not covered
  • You're covered everywhere except for travel against government advice.
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The Yonder app showing travel insurance information

How to make a claim

Claiming is easy, you can do it online or by calling 0203 941 2295 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Your documents are available in the app. You'll need to have some personal information ready when you start your claim.

Want to know more? Read the policy details and AXA terms and conditions.

Spend abroad without any fees.

Spend without fees in any currency, all over the world.

We’ll never add any fees or charges while you spend abroad. You get the Mastercard rate, which we just pass right on to you without any markups.

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Spend and earn points while you're away.

Some credit cards charge up to 2.99% when you spend in a different currency. Not us. Spend like you do at home.

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Ready to be rewarded?

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